We specialise in clinical hypnotherapy for a variety of health treatments such as:

Weight loss

These treatments are designed to treat, issues influencing weight up to an extent such as: overeating, eating foods high in sugar, eating foods high in fat, craving for food, physical exercise.

Stopping smoking

These treatments will involve removing the nicotine from the lungs in combination with ‘aversion’ therapies, ‘clinical hypnosis’ and NLP to desire more preferable alternatives. Similar treatments are applicable to our ‘drug addiction’ treatments.


Stress can be life threatening & dangerous. Maybe you want to react to scenarios in a much lighter manner with clarity of expression to feel and become healthier. This can be reduced or removed or changed with our unique approach, so you can be in complete control.

Confidence building

Work on improving scope, voice with firm foundations, be it a relationship, making a speech, being more social or anything even panic or anxiety, our treatments are designed to enhance confidence appropriately.


Love and relationships

Fears and phobias

Other treatments

Did you know you are hypnotised everyday up to an extent without your knowledge?

Even the best can be better and we can help the mind have more control

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