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NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming communication is widely used in the world of counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy for almost ‘any medical or emotional issue’ influencing life. e.g.more control, weight loss, stopping smoking, depression etc. All treatments are customized suiting those requiring long lasting results where medicines are not as effective.


All treatments are customised suiting those requiring long lasting results where medicines are not as effective. We will help you achieve better success & look forward to helping you. To make a booking, simply click here to let us know when the appointment is wanted or phone give us a call.

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Welcome to NoWaiting

NoWaiting Ltd., located in Manchester city centre provides relaxing counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming & hypnosis services in all areas of life, where changes in behaviour and emotion can be improved. Many people see us just to have a chat also.

Whatever the concern maybe such as over indulgence, cravings, addictions, fears, stress relief and more. It is our priority to provide resolutions to these by customising every single treatment individually. With more then 1 solution being provided for better results.

* disclaimer
“Just to let you know I have lost over 2 stone in 2 months after having the hypno band. I am delighted & thanks again *.”

— Jennie

* Individual results may vary. For more information, please visit our disclaimer page *


Weight loss

These treatments are designed to treat, issues influencing weight up to an extent such as: overeating, eating foods high in sugar, eating foods high in fat, craving for food, physical exercise.

Stopping smoking

Do you want a cigarette ? Results are seen shortly after the customised treatment with no further cravings, giving more energy also, tuning in to the natural rapid detoxification process removing nicotine from system….


Stress can be life threatening & dangerous. Maybe you want to react to scenarios in a much lighter manner with clarity of expression to feel and become healthier. This can be reduced or removed or changed with our unique approach, so you can be in complete control.

Confidence building

Confidence – 95% of our clients achieve success improving scope, voice with firm foundations, be it a relationship, making a speech, being more social or anything even panic or anxiety, our treatments can enhance confidence for the rest of your life.


Love and relationships

Fears and phobias

Other treatments

Did you know you are hypnotized everyday up to an extent without your knowledge?

Even the best can be better and we can help the mind have more control

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