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Confidence = Better success

Doubting yourself with a fear of failure makes failure more likely. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming within hypnosis is just one of the techniques we introduce client to, with the intention of using it in the following possible situations:

  • being at ease around other people
  • forming new personal and business relationships
  • overcoming issues with others
  • Speaking out
  • Making a speech about anything
  • and bettering communication with all in contentment
  • being the person you want


No more then 3 sessions are usually required.

Treatment stages are below:

  • (Part 1) will involve the treatment customisation where we design the treatment to address all relevant issues.
  • (Part 2) is where we carry out different NLP & Hypnosis treatments, based on how you react.
  • (Part 3) is a follow up treatment based on the results of the 2nd treatment.
  • (Next) is a follow up treatment based on the results of the 2nd treatment.

* Individual results may vary. For more information, please visit our disclaimer page *

We will support you every step of the way

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