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  • Can you get people to do anything?

    Can you get people to do anything?

    No, a person can not be made to do something that they would not be comfortable doing. Treatments require the sub-conscious mind to agree with decisions made by the conscious to be healthier. The sub-conscious is responsible for (80% of the Mind in charge of all emotions and functions of th body such as breathing) and the conscious mind (20% of the mind in charge of logic and all decisions).

  • Is Hypnosis dangerous?

    Is Hypnosis dangerous?

    No, Almost everyone on earth enters a hypnotic state on a daily basis (an example of a hypnotic state is the time between sleeping and being fully awake and conscious), All clients will have to disclose any health issues that they are facing and any medication they are being prescribed, so treatments are customised for the better health.

  • Will I stay stuck in this state?

    Will I stay stuck in this state?

    No, it is impossible, the only thing that can happen is that you fall asleep which you awaken from everyday and the therapist will awaken you also if necessary.

  • How many treatments are required?

    How many treatments are required?

    3 treatments are given as a minimum all covered under the same cost. The number of treatments depends upon the treatment type as detailed below:

    • Addiction treatments can usually be resolved within 2 hours. However this varies upon what the actual addiction is e.g. class “B” drugs will require at least 3 treatments, although addictions to “Tobacco filled” cigarettes will only require 1 usually with no further treatments after that.
    • Weight loss treatments will require 3 treatments with the design customised to suit current health circumstances e.g. a virtual gastric band or simple change in lifestyle and diet with many other factors also considered.
    • Other treatment times will vary, please call to find out more.
  • Can anyone be treated?

    Can anyone be treated?

    The majority of people can be treated we will talk about any medical conditions immediately. For restrictions please contact us.

  • Are results guaranteed?

    Are results guaranteed?

    Hypnosis is all about communicating with the sub-conscious, it is entirely up to a person’s unconscious to descide how to move forward after the treatment is done. However, so far changes of some kind have been made with all patients e.g. smoking less cigarettes

  • How much does it cost?

    How much does it cost?

    Normal price is £90 per session

    • The average smokers spends around £2500 per year.
    • People addicted to alcohol can spend much more then this.
    • Sugar addictions can result in diabetes, meaning more visits to hospitals and less time to yourself.
    • Proven scientifically, a lack of sleep or feeling depressed can reduce the life span
    • and there are many more advantages for each of the treatments we do.

    For all treatments: * Individual results may vary. For more information, please visit our disclaimer page *

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