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Fear, anxiety & phobias

Fear makes ‘failure‘ more likely and also can effect the immune system response to fears. See this study:

Perhaps you are having panic attacks or maybe you are scared of failure ? heights ? flying ? spiders ? people ? dogs ? blood ? hypnosis ? or something else ? such as ‘disturbing‘ or provocative thoughts? Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, flushes and chills and sweating?
Reactions of fear are often caused by an event in the past. See this study:

though there are many reasons for them. Surely being calmer, more relaxed and in control are better options. Our treatments will use several unique approaches to help handle life issues more appropriately.

How it works:

With ‘clinical hypnotherapy‘ you are in complete control all the time.

  • (Part 1) will involve the treatment customisation where we design the treatment to address all relevant issues.
  • (Part 2) is where we carry out different NLP & Hypnosis treatments, based on how you react.
  • (Part 3) is a follow up treatment based on the results of the 2nd treatment.
  • (Next) is a follow up treatment based on the results of the 2nd treatment.

* Individual results may vary. For more information, please visit our disclaimer page *

We will support you every step of the way

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